A bail bond is a guarantee to the court that a defendant will return for every case hearing after they have been released from jail. A contract for the bail bond is between a licensed riverside bail bondsman, the defendant, and in most cases a cosigner. Once the bond is posted, the defendant is released into the custody of the bondsman and they will be able to carry on with their daily lives for the duration of the case.

A bail bond is a financial arrangement that Bandito Bail Bonds (a licensed California bail bond agency) will make on behalf of a criminal defendant. We will, acting for the defendant, arrange with the court to have a defendant released from jail pending the trial in exchange for money or collateral, which may be cash, assets, or a bond.

What is the cost of a bail bond?

In Orange County and Riverside County and throughout all of California, the cost of a bail bond is 10% of a defendant’s total bail amount. For example, if the defendant’s bail is $10,000 then the fee for the bond is $1,000.

Bandito Bail Bonds does offer discounts for AARP members, Union members and Military personnel.

Although your bond can be reduced to reduced 8%, please contact a bondsman for more information.

If this is a bail emergency, please call Bandito Bail Bonds right away: 855.951.2245

Will I need to have collateral for the bail bond?

At Bandito Bail Bonds, our clients could potentially qualify for a no collateral bond. With that said, some bail bonds that are considered high-risk or that have a very high bond amount may require collateral. In those cases, real property (a home or other real estate) is put up as collateral for the bond. This may also increase the time it takes to write the bond, so please contact a Bandito Bail bondsmen to find out more information about your specific bond needs using the contact form on this page.

How long will it take for the defendant to be released from jail after their bail bond is posted?

While we respond quickly and strive to work as fast as possible, there are factors to be determined when bonding someone out of jail. Therefore we can’t give you an exact release time for any jail in any county or city.

The time it takes to get someone released from jail depends upon several factors; time of arrest, how busy jail staff is at the time we post the bond.

In some county jails, it could take as little as 30 minutes while other, larger jails could take 6 to 8 hours to be released.

What happens if the defendant fails to show up for court?

If the missed court date was an accident, call us and we can help get the date rescheduled in most instances. If the defendant intended to skip court, then the court will issue a warrant for his or her arrest. The bond will be revoked and they will have to go back to jail. The bail bondsman and the cosigner will be responsible for finding the defendant and returning them to the jail.

How is bail calculated?

Some of the things that figure into the amount of a defendant’s bail is considered by a judge who looks at the information about the crime and the defendant, to include:

  • Seriousness of the charges against the defendant
  • The defendant’s ties to the community and if they have family support
  • A defendant’s prior criminal history, to include any and all outstanding warrants.
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