Bandito Bail Bonds has posted these bail bond forms in order to speed up the bail process. Simply download each form, fill out in detail and present to your bail bondsman. Having the forms completed before meeting the bondsman will ensure your friend or relative is released from jail fast. If you have any questions about the bail process or need help filling out any of these bail bond forms, please contact a bondsman at (714) 558-7765 or use the bail bond form on your right.

Bail Bond Application Form

Indemnitor Application Form

Attorney Referral Form

BIC California Rate Filing

Credit Card Voucher Form

8 Percent Premium Form

If out of town, please fill out each of the forms completely and get them notarized. Then fax them to: 562.259.8996. If you cannot see any of the above PDFs on your computer, please download a new version of Adobe Reader here at no cost:

adobe reader